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About Cosmetic Surgery Centre Allure medspa & Surgeon

Congratulation, for taking a step towards more beautiful and confident new you with modern cosmetic science. Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi’s Allure Medspa is one of the biggest ISO 2001:2008 Certified Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Skin treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry Centre for Men and Women. If You Could changes one thing about you, what would it be? Come tell us, we will show you the possibilities and help to unwrap a new, more confident you.

With the help of our artistic consultants and most advanced technologies feel as beautiful outside as you are inside. The look you’ve always wanted is closer then you think.

You just need to take only one step to Begin your new life today – Come for consultation to know the possibilities to take informed decision.

The Right Cosmetic Surgery / Procedure for You

Cosmetic enhancement for both men and women are available at Allure medspa. We understand the importance of choosing the right cosmetic Surgery/procedure for your needs and we will take the time to help you become comfortable with your surgery/procedure.

We also know that cosmetic enhancement is about more than just enhancing your appearance — it’s about changing your life. We’re dedicated to giving you the trusted care you need.

At Allure medspa, there’s no rush or pressure to have cosmetic surgery/procedure right away. We provide a consultation to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from your surgery/procedure.

With a worry-free approach, Allure medspa will ensure your cosmetic enhancement goes exactly the way you want it to. We take utmost care for your comfort & confidentiality. We offer World Class Facilities & Treatments to deliver Exceptional Results in Feel at Home atmosphere.

Service You Can Trust

Once you’ve decided to undergo cosmetic enhancement, it’s inevitable that you’ll have various questions. That’s what we’re here for.

At Allure medspa, we have one of the most respected cosmetic surgeon in the India. Our Cosmetic surgeon provides consultation and extensive aftercare during and after your cosmetic surgery/procedure.

Allure medspa have been a trusted name in cosmetic treatments for years – and that’s history you can trust.

Why Exclusive Centre is better than Said big hospitals?

Cosmetic Surgery is an art that depends heavily on the artistic and aesthetic sense of the surgeon. Technique, concentration and inspiration are key words for a successful result that will accompany the patient for the rest of his life. To ensure that everything happens in the best possible way it is necessary to have a well organized and structured clinic equipped with the latest technology; an attentive team to provide prompt service before surgery; a team of nurses to care for each and every patient after surgery and clear advice to assist recovery and recuperation.

The reason to have such a clinic is to unite all these requirements within one premise only, where one dedicated team will work in harmony to care for you and your requirements.
Dr. Milan Doshi’s Allure medspa is a legally established clinic, equipped with the latest technology and entirely dedicated to the art of Cosmetic Surgery and treatment.


  • Five Story Building with ample Parking space
  • Two Major OT
  • 20 beds including 4 Suit Rooms
  • Two Skin Procedure Rooms and Separate Spa
  • Two Consulting Room
  • Cosmetic Dental Clinic
  • Almost all Kind of Medical Cosmetic Laser Systems

If you have a question about cosmetic surgery/procedure or would like to book a consultation, call  +91 9869041559 to speak one of our patient co-ordinators or simply request a brochure.

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