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Thinking of Dimple Creation Surgery?

Dimple creation in Mumbai, IndiaDimple creation is the most common asthetic surgery ,previously the people having dimple were considered to have good fortune and fertility, but now it is viewed as cute and unique.

Dr Milan Doshi, one of the INDIA’s leading cosmetic surgeons, specialised in dimple creation surgery.

He  is regularly operating many celebrities from Bollywood, Tellywood, Tollywood, NRIs, Foreign Nationals on regular basis.

He is Medical Director of Allure medspa, ISO 2001:2008 Certified, the most advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center in Mumbai, INDIA.

He keep himself updated by attending conferences & workshop on regular basis.

The procedure is simple, quick and affordable –  taking about 20 minutes under local anesthetic. For easy access contact  Allure medspa Cosmetic Surgery Centre  in Mumbai, India.

If you want “Smile which increase your face value” contact Dr Milan R Doshi now +91 98690 41559.


Dimple Creation surgery Mumbai India

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